Anna’s House

Meet Our July Team Members


Congratulations to Casey who was Plainfield's July Team Member of the Month! Casey has only been a part of Anna's House for a few months, showing his strengths in and around the kitchen. "He grabs on to his job with great enthusiasm," Karen, Plainfield's General Manager praised. "He's a little go-getter!" Casey explained that he enjoys the fast-paced atmosphere of Plainfield. Considering how small our first location is, he says that he moves around quite a lot between washing dishes and prepping food. His coworkers and management praise his punctuality, politeness, and his eagerness to learn new things. "He never grumbles when asked to do anything," Karen admired when asked what makes Casey such an outstanding team member.

Congratulations Casey, and thank you for your eagerness to work hard and stay positive!


Congratulations to Aaron who was voted Holland's Team Member of the Month! Aaron has been working in the kitchen since Holland first opened in March and has really "stepped up. He trained himself in each (kitchen) station!" Trish, Holland's General Manager praised. When asked what his favorite part about working at Anna's House is, Aaron happily explained, "As cliche as it sounds, the staff. Everyone is still in a good mood despite knowing we might get our butts kicked! It's a really positive environment." Between cooking at Anna's House, helping his dad with his catering business, and hanging out with his 2 year old daughter, Aaron loves music and is even involved in battle rapping! "I'm very passionate about cooking, but music helps me from being burnt out. It keeps my balance." As we were ending our interview, Aaron shared some gratitude. "A special thanks to the front of house staff for dealing with my mistakes and moods. And a special thanks to the kitchen for helping me. I wouldn't be team member of the month without these dudes helping me!"

Congratulations Aaron and thank you for your honest and humble hard work!


Congratulations to John for being voted Beltline's Team Member of the Month for July! John started working at Anna's House as a host shortly after it. When asked what his favorite part about working is, he responded quickly. "The people. I started working here when I was 16 and I didn't know anyone. Everyone's welcoming. I like hanging out with them outside of work too." John's cool manner makes it easy to get along with him. "He has a big smile. Big heart. He will always take the trash out," Curtis, Beltline's Assistant Manager laughed, "He's always taking the trash out!" When John isn't busy taking out the garbage, he's lifting weights and working on a degree in Business Management at GRCC in hopes of opening up his own weight room one day. Curtis joked, "He is the muscles around town!"

Congratulations again John and thank you for your sincere and diligent hard work!


Congratulations to Gloria from Grandville who was voted Team Member of the Month for July! Gloria works in the kitchen as a line cook, working gracefully while under pressure! When asked what makes her an excellent team member, Luis, Grandville's Kitchen Manager said, "She's my best toaster. She's always on time and knows what she needs to get done. And she's always in a good mood." Gloria said that her favorite thing about working at Anna's House is her team and her management. "I like working with Luis," she explained smiling. It's apparent that Gloria and Luis work very well together as manager and team member and they both appreciate the other's hard work. When Gloria isn't working hard in the kitchen, she loves spending time and hanging out with her family.

Congratulations Gloria and thank you for your hard work and dedication!

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