Anna’s House

June Team Members of the Month


Congratulations to Ryan who was voted Plainfield's Team Member of the Month for June! Ryan started out as a host and has worked his way up to a server. A job, he says, he likes much more. "I feel like I get to make more of a difference with people's experiences. I get to joke around with them a lot more than as a host."

Ryan's favorite part about working at Anna's House is his coworkers. "They're super fun loving. They really make my job easier." Karen, Plainfield's General manager, had a long list of adjectives to describe Ryan and his work ethic. "Polite. Clean. Neat. Professional. Respectful." She paused for a second and then added, "Nice smile!" And boy does his smile get a lot of attention around the store! During our interview, his coworkers complimented his dimples and smile, and Karen even suggested that his smile helped him win a seat on the Northview homecoming court. "Yeah, I was Homecoming King," Ryan said humbly before going back to his tables.

Congratulations again Ryan! Thank you for your team spirit and hard work!


Congratulations to Tracy who was voted Grandville's Team Member of the Month for June! Tracy has been a server at our third location since opening day. When asked what has changed since day one, regarding both her and the restaurant, Tracy thought carefully before answering. "From day one, I think I struggled, but when I got comfortable, I really blossomed into a beautiful flower." She and her teammates laughed, but this is what makes Tracy strong. She has grown with her job and has not only done well, but she has flourished. Everyone has the potential to exceed their expectations and Tracy is one of the team members who recognizes this. And her managers recognize it too.

"She has really shown initiative. She's always happy to help other teammates. She does extra work that she isn't asked too because she really cares about the restaurant," Renee, Grandville's Assistant Manager, explained.

Congratulations again Tracy! Thank you for all of your dedication and growth!


Congratulations to Cipi who was voted Team Member of the Month for June at Beltline! Cipi has been working in the kitchen since Beltline first opened their doors in 2014. As one of the first employees, Cipi is a huge asset to the Anna's House family. "He is always willing to work more hours than asked of him," Kiaira, Beltline's Assistant Manager said. She explained that Cipi is always dedicated to Anna's House, inside and out of the restaurant. "He's very passionate about his job," Kiaira continued. "And we can tell he's very passionate about his job." Not only is Cipi's work ethic evidently strong, Kiaira explained that he's also very family oriented. "He's a great father too. A wonderful family man."

When asked what his favorite thing about working at Anna's House is, he plainly said, "Everything," and chuckled. "Just everything."

Thank you for being such a wonderful part of our team, Cipi! Congratulations!


Congratulations to Colin who was voted Holland's Team Member of the Month! Colin began working as a server when the store first opened its doors this past March. Since then, he has become a staple among our guests for his jolly personality and great serving skills. "Everyone stops me and tells me how much of a delight he is!" Trish, Holland's General manager enthusiastically explained "Every morning he greats me with a "Hi Boss!" and makes sure I know how much he loves Anna's and our staff!! Never a dull moment or negative comment from him- he truly is an Anna's Rockstar!"

When asked what his favorite part about working at Anna's House is, Colin explained, "The people! When I was applying for my car loan Trish and Jacob both said to give the bank their private numbers so they could verify my hire date as soon as possible. I was so overwhelmed. No one else I've ever worked for would have done that. They both did!" It almost sounds like a broken record at this point when we ask team members their favorite part about working at Anna's; it's consistently been the friendships, partnerships, and working relationships! When asked about his experience in the restaurant since it opened, Colin explained that "It's harder work and it's more fun than any other restaurants I've worked at... Now we just need that construction finished so I can get another shift every week!" So if you happen to be in the Holland area, be sure to swing by to say hi to our Team Member of the Month!

Congratulations Colin and thank you for your upbeat personality!

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