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Introducing Single Origin French Press Coffee


Summer may not be officially here until the end of the month, but Anna's House decided to celebrate early by presenting seven brand new menu items! Our Summer Features include zesty, effervescent flavors like lemon onions, acai berries, and lavender. However, there is one addition to our store that not only tastes like the epitome of summer, it also has a backstory that speaks for the quality of the product. Anna's House is proud to introduce Single Origin French Press Coffee from our talented, local partners, Ferris Coffee.

First off, let's start with a history lesson on the meaning of "Single Origin." For many years, the coffee industry focused on “blends” of coffee, which were carefully balanced mixes of different beans from various sources, put together to create a specific flavor and balance. Single Origin coffees are from one “region” of the world or specific location. All the coffee beans were grown and produced under the same conditions and will generally have a uniform set of characteristics. This allows the specific characteristics and flavors of the coffee to shine and stand out.

Our Single Origin French Press coffee comes from Ethiopia, specifically in the Gedeo Region, which is known for producing coffees with a citrus-y flavor. This makes the drink taste and feel crisper, and generally lighter in color.


Not only is this coffee a Single Origin, it is also a Direct Trade product. Direct Trade meaning that the company that is selling the coffee to consumers has made a deal directly with the grower/original producer. This is important because it means that the seller and producer negotiated prices together and were able to come to a mutually beneficial agreement without having to haggle and lose profits to a “middle man” or larger organization. Direct Trade removes the coffee from the stock exchange. This process looks out for small farms and family farms all around the world, preventing them from getting taken advantage of or getting lost in the process. It also allows consumers the power to know exactly what they are consuming, exactly where it is from and what kind of global impact their dollars and decisions are making.

All of that basically means that this coffee is traded as directly as possible. Due to current trade laws in Ethiopia’s government, an importer must be used to bring the coffee into the United States. Ferris Coffee maintains a strong relationship and high standards with all of their directly traded coffees, including from Ethiopia.

But why does all of this matter? Why is Direct Trade such a big deal? Well, as our world is becoming more globalized, it is crucial that we all pay attention to the impact our habits have on the earth, our resources and our fellow humans we share them with. Following a transparent line to the source of our goods, whether that is through farmers markets, local artists, etc. is one of the best ways to do so. Buying Direct Trade products is a way to do this on a larger, global scale.


So now that we know what Single Origin and Direct Trade means, let's find out the difference between Fair Trade and Direct Trade. “Fair Trade” means that a farm is producing a product while meeting a minimum number of requirements: such as a minimum fair pay for workers. This is a good step toward ensuring equal and fair pay and working conditions, but to become “Certified Fair Trade,” the farms must purchase a very expensive certification. Most small farms simply cannot foot this bill. When companies directly trade, the small farms do not have to pay this huge expense and can often negotiate a larger profit margin for themselves, which in turn allows them to pay their employees higher wages, invest in their farms more, and so on. Most often, the companies involved in a Direct Trade are already expecting and/or delivering the standards necessary to qualify for a fair trade certification.

Wow, so now that your brain is filled to maximum capacity on all things coffee trade, this is why we want you to know all of this:

Part of our mission here at Anna's House is to constantly provide menu items that are fresh, local, quality, meet guest desires, and help to create meaningful connections. We must keep making a difference in what we are buying and offering, and providing a coffee choice that is directly traded hits that mission head on. We are allowing guests a chance to follow their dollar to the source and to support small farmers in another part of the world. Microbrewing and microroasting, local purchasing and small batching of food and beverages are very important. We are so excited to have the opportunity to showcase this product! This coffee is local from Ferris, directly traded from across the globe, small batch roasted, high quality and very high impact. Did we mention the flavor? Imagine a beverage as fluid as tea, but with flavor notes of lemon lime, floral, and caramel. Where could it go wrong?


Ferris Coffee was able to give us a more in-depth background on the area in which this coffee originates. Here is their statement:

"Named after the local tribe, Konga Sede, our Ethiopian Washed Konga comes from a microregion within the Gedeo Zone of Yirgacheffe. There are over 5,000 farmers and 10 mills represented in this lot, producing nearly 40 to 50 containers of coffee every year. Located about 4 kilometers south of the town of Yirgacheffe, the Konga microregion is widely known for producing strong citrus and stone fruit flavors in its coffees."

Knowing all that you know about this product, do we really have to ask you to come in and try it?

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