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How to Enjoy 16 Vegan Menu Items

We at Anna's House pride ourselves on offering easily accessible dishes, whether you are gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan, or suffer from allergies. We take extra precaution and do whatever is necessary to fit your dietary needs and lifestyles. One of the biggest up and coming trends is veganism. For those who don't know, veganism is a lifestyle that omits products made from animals which includes milk, eggs and cheese. There are different versions of veganism and Anna's House is willing to cater to each specific diet.

Below are some of our most popular dishes that can be made vegan with a few modifications as well as some dishes that are naturally vegan. Be sure to always notify your server of your dietary needs!


Our Sweet Potato Brussels Sprouts Hash has roasted sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, onion and dried cherries, topped with balsamic reduction sauce. Normally it is served with two eggs, so be sure to request no eggs in order to make this dish vegan.

The Anna's Skillet is a very popular dish that can also be made vegan with a few changes. Request that your server remove eggs, cheese, ham and sour cream. You'll be given a deliciously warm skillet served with green pepper, onion, mushroom, potato, tomato and green onions. It is a perfectly hearty meal to keep you sustained for the rest of the day.


Our Tempeh Power Bowl is seriously delicious. Featuring house made vegan tempeh bacon atop brown rice and steamed kale. Topped with fresh avocado, sweet dried cherries, and a tangy pomegranate drizzle. This dish is also served with two eggs, but can be made vegan if they are removed. You can almost feel the energy radiating from you once you finish eating this healthy power dish!

Another fantastic vegan-friendly dish is our notorious Hippie Hash. Slow roasted root vegetables, brown rice, fresh garlic, fresh ginger and alfalfa sprouts. When ordering, be sure to request that the kitchen not add cheese, sour cream or eggs. This dish is one of our most famous, as well as the most photogenic dish with all of its rich colors and textures! Be sure if you're enjoying the meal, to use the #myannashouse to showcase your vegan-friendly meal!


Our Tempeh Burger is 100% vegan naturally! This seasoned tempeh burger is served on a vegan bun with avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and BBQ sauce. Our Sweet Potato Fries are also vegan-friendly (and they pair especially well with this dish). The fries are served, however, with a side of brown sugar butter which is not vegan.

Woah, hang on a second. You might be thinking 'Tempeh? What is Tempeh?!' Tempeh is a delicious meat alternative made out of soy beans that originated in Indonesia. The soy beans are naturally cultured and fermented to create a binding solution that holds its 'cake-like' form! By offering BBQ sauce on the side, it also adds a flavor similar to that of meat!

Healthy Baked Oatmeal is one of the most popular and unique dishes offered on our breakfast menu. Baked breakfast oats, dried cherries, raisins, vanilla and a dash of cinnamon. This entree is topped with vanilla soy milk, but we also offer almond milk. Hint: This dish is massive and resembles a giant slice of cake!

Several of our salads can also be made vegan with modifications. Our vegan dressing options include Greek, Raspberry Vinaigrette and Pomegranate Blueberry Vinaigrette.

We also have several tasty "on the side" options that can accompany any vegan meal!


Our Tempeh Bacon comes with four "slices" of vegan bacon.

Our more classic side options include Potatoes, Sweet Potato Fries and Fries which are all naturally vegan. We also offer oatmeal as another side option.


Who could go wrong with a Cup of Fresh Fruit? Layered with cantaloupe, honeydew, pineapple, strawberries and blueberries, it makes a perfect pair for any dish!


Some of our specialty drinks can also be made vegan! Be sure they are ordered with vanilla soy milk or unsweetened almond milk and no whipped cream. You can enjoy a vegan Latte, Cappuccino, Chai Latte or Gourmet Hot Chocolate!

Our Fresh Fruit Smoothies are also vegan, featuring your choice of blueberry, strawberry and banana!

Be sure to check out our seasonal menu where we strive to offer a variety of foods that cater to specific diets and lifestyles! Also remember to always inform your waiter of your dietary restrictions in order to fully enjoy your meal!

Anna's House was founded on the belief that all dietary restrictions should be celebrated. Everyone should be able to enjoy a meal out with family or friends, even if everyone at the table has a different food preference or diet. Our goal is to offer more than one choice per diet and lifestyle, so everyone can enjoy the experience of trying something new each time they visit Anna's House!

If you found this article helpful, be sure to share it with fellow vegan friends or with friends or family who may be interested in trying something new!

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