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April Team Members of the Month


Congratulations to Alec who was voted East Beltline's Team Member of the Month for April! Alec has been working at our second location since opening day, starting as a host and then working his way up as a server. Bill, Beltline's General Manager had only good words to say. "He always comes in in a very good mood which rubs off on others. He has a desire to make sure we have a clean restaurant. He really goes above and beyond." Bill also said that Alec has a strength in rallying his coworkers together to make sure all grounds are covered when organizing and cleaning the store.

When asked what his favorite part about working at Anna's House is, Alec responded with, "I love that when I come here, I'm greeted by a wonderful atmosphere and equally as wonderful coworkers that make working more than work and something fun." Which is easy to believe because he is usually all smiles and laughs as he races around the restaurant to talk to people and make sure everything is going well. "It's pretty cool to personally grow and progress and adapt to all the cool new things the company does as it gets older. And I feel that with those changes, I become more open to new experiences." When pressed further about what kind of new experiences he's referring to, Alec laughed and joked, "Well I never would have tried gluten free food without Anna's!"

Congratulations again, Alec, and thanks for being a spirited team member!


When asked what makes Jean an Anna's House Team Member of the Month, Jane, Plainfield's General Manager, laughed and exclaimed "She runs circles around all the young punks!" That perfectly describes the relationship between Jean and all of her coworkers: Playful banter mixed with sincere generosity. Jean has a wonderful sense of humor, a positive attitude, and strong ambitions. And if it weren't for her coworkers, Jean said she would never wake up early! "The girls and a lot of the customers motivate me to get out of bed in the morning. We get customers from all over the U.S. just because they've heard of Anna's House. And they're so sweet! They include you, instead of just being their waitress."
"If it's her day off and we tell her we're desperate, she'll come in," Jane explains. Jean goes above and beyond and helps out wherever she can: picking up shifts and coming in on her days off! Danielle, Jean's coworker, jumped in and said, "She's always willing to help out for the greater Anna's House cause!" Jean chuckled and when asked what her favorite part of working for Anna's was, she replied, "The customers, the girls who work here. They're funny... and insulting. But in a funny way! We're all a team and we all have fun. I really like coming to work."

Congratulations Jean and keep up the great work! Thank you for being such a dedicated team member!


Congratulations to Parker who is Holland's first ever Team Member of the Month! He was recently moved up from host to lead host, taking on more responsibilities and taking initiative for more roles within the restaurant! Trish, Holland's General Manager, says that he's a very strong worker and takes direction very well. "He always smiles too. You can tell he loves his job."

When asked what his favorite part about working at Anna's House is, Parker instantly replied with, "The coworkers. It doesn't really feel like work because it's just a lot of fun. I'm a people person, so interacting with people all day is really great." Because Anna's House opens so early in the morning, it's always fun to ask our team members what motivates them to get out of bed and be at work before the sun rises. When I asked Parker this, he started off in a serious tone with, "I don't like the mornings. I hate getting up in the morning." After a few laughs about how ironic it is, because he always comes in in a great mood, he explained, "But I'll check the schedule and see who's working and I'll get excited to come in!"

Congratulations again Parker, and thank you for your hard work and smiles!


Alfonso, Grandville's Team Member of the Month and his wife, Juana

Congratulations to Alfonso who was voted Grandville's Team Member of the Month! Alfonso has worked as a line cook at our third location since October of 2014. Grandville's Kitchen Manager, Luis' first words about what makes Alfonso an exceptional employee was, "He listens." Which is very important when working in such an intense environment like our kitchen! "He goes above and beyond what's asked of him." Luis chuckled and said, "He's got a beautiful laugh. A really charismatic laugh." This then caused Alfonso to laugh and boy is it contagious!

Alfonso was busy scrubbing the grill down when he explained his favorite part about working at Anna's House. "It's friendly and fun. Everybody's friendly." When asked what his favorite thing to do while working is, expecting an answer about what food he likes to make the most, Alfonso replied with, "Make everyone smile." And then he laughed, which made everyone in the kitchen laugh.

Congratulations Alfonso and thank you for brightening everybody's days!

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